How to announce your engagement

Posted on 16-08-2016

Thinking about how to announce your engagement to those that are close to you may not be high on your priority list when your other half gets down on one knee, but this news is going to have a big impact on your lives from this day forward.

We have come up with some tips for letting everyone know that you are tying the knot.




1  |  Keep it a secret for at least a few hours

When you first get engaged, that urge to call everybody in your contacts and post 100 pictures of you and your brand new fiancé might be tempting. In this modern world, that news will spread pretty quickly and although its nice to get all those likes and love from the people you care about, enjoy this little secret for as long as you can. Stop and think about who you want to tell first.


2 |  Who to tell first

Family come first. This saying definitely applies in this situation. Family are the people that have seen all the ups and downs of all those past relationships and will be just as excited as you that you have found the one to spend the rest of your life with. If you don’t manage to hold it in until you see them in person then don’t forget to show them that all important shot of the ring.


3 |  Show me the ring!

Lets be completely honest here, everybody wants to see the ring. Make sure you take the time to enjoy that special piece of jewellery for yourself before all of your friends and family grab your hand and get a closer look. They will demand photos, so try to show off that ring in the best light and quickly paint your nails before anyone takes a picture.

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4 |  How to tell your friends

Before you get going on that thoroughly planned out Facebook post and accompanying Instagram, there are a few more people you should tell in person. Sending a photo of the ring without a caption to those friends who you can’t see immediately is ideal as their reaction is sure to be full of shocked emojis and exclamation marks. Arranging a dinner with close friends and not mentioning that beautiful diamond on your finger until someone notices is a good way of getting those excited squeals from the girls. Most importantly, tell the people you love the most before pressing post.


5 |  Let the likes roll in

The most important part of this post should be you and your fiancé. So make sure your gleaming faces are in the photo too. Don’t go overboard with a whole album of photos from all angles of the place that they popped the question. Keep some memories for you.


6 |  Celebrate

Once everybody knows, there is nothing stopping you from flaunting that ring to everybody and cracking open the champagne – although spare your single friends a thought when you are showing off your new diamond…