Engagement Rings. What are my options?

Posted on 21-09-2016

Looking for an engagement ring to pop the question?

Stuck on which diamond cut to go for?


We have got you covered. Here at Classic Diamonds we have a variety of shapes and sizes for the perfect engagement ring, whether they are in our shop in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter or our online collection.

Take a look at all of the options below to help you decide.








As a square shaped diamond, that is very similar to the emerald-cut and is made with rectangular facets.






This is a classic shape, unique in style which can be otherwise known as ‘pillow-cut.’ It has rounded corners and larger facets than other cuts. These facets bring out the clarity of the diamond and can come in a few variances.

CDRM074-1 copy

View our Halo style engagement ring here (Cushion cut)






An emerald cut diamond has more of an optical appearance, producing a mirrored effect as opposed to the sparkle with others. With a larger open top, the clarity of the diamond shines. This shape can vary in squareness, but if you would prefer a more square cut, an Asscher cut could be a better option.

CDRM048-1 copy

View our Single Stone Diamond Ring engagement ring here (Emerald cut)






A heart shaped engagement ring has to be the ultimate shape to portray your love. With a fairly open top the ring will glisten beautifully on your other half’s ring finger.






A Marquise diamond shape can increase carat weight, which will make your diamond appear much larger. It is beautiful set with side stones and can make your other half’s fingers appear more slender. It is sometimes known as a football shape cut, with a big surface area.

CDRM072-1 copy

View our Single Stone Diamond Ring with diamonds on the shoulders here (Marquise cut)






The pear shape cut diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings due to its ability to lengthen the fingers of the person wearing it. It is an elegant and beautiful shape which your soon to be wife will love. This shape is sometimes also referred to as the teardrop.






A favourite shape for engagement rings, this square shaped style is beautiful mounted with two other stones like in the ring shown below. It is a classic shape that really will stand out on your finger. This cut should always be set with corner prongs to prevent damage to the diamond.


CDRM073-1 copy

View our Three Stone Diamond Ring engagement ring here (Princess cut)






This shape is notorious for its trimmed edges, helping to make it a versatile choice for engagement rings. The shape can vary in squareness, with some cuts being more rectangular. This shape is known for being vibrant and lively.






As the most popular choice for engagement ring, this shape is aimed at optimising the brilliance of a diamond. Because of its history it is the most versatile cut in building up a ring with colour and clarity. It is also well known for being the one with the most sparkle.


CDRM070-1 copy

View our Single Stone Diamond Ring with diamonds on the shoulders here (Brilliant Round cut)


Three Stone Style




The three stone style of engagement ring is sure to make popping the question easier. There are quite a few connotations that go alongside this style. People often relate it to past, present and future love and longevity.

CDRM067-1 copy

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This style of engagement ring is extremely popular. Using a diamond in the middle as a focus is sometimes favoured and whilst it is always down to personal preference, we think that this makes the ring stand out even more.


View our Single Stone Diamond Ring with diamonds on the shoulders here






This style is a real winner if you want to wow your partner. The stones surrounding the central diamond really stand out and emphasise the clarity of the ring.

CDRM045-1 copy

View our Halo style Diamond Ring with diamonds on the shoulders here


Single Stone




A simple setting for beautiful ring. This style is a classic, focussing on one diamond cut only, for a more delicate engagement ring.

CDRM001-1 copy

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